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WEBINAR ‘Establishing of Expert’s register – Best practice from Baltic countries’


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To introduce the Unified Register of the Baltic Forensic Science Experts developed by the State Forensic Science Bureau of Latvia in co-operation with Estonian and Lithuanian forensic science institutions within the framework of the project “Find a Forensic Expert” (JUST/2014/JACC/AG/E-JU/6963) co-funded by the European Union Justice Programme.
Share experience regarding the use of the forensic expert register as a tool:
- to find forensic experts in criminal, administrative and civil proceedings, including cross-border cases;
- to ascertain competence and qualification of forensic experts and their rights to perform forensic examinations;
-  to find contacts of forensic experts in another country.

Law-Enforcement community: judges, prosecutors, police force, lawyers, forensic experts.

1. Welcome and Housekeeping rules by CEPOL
2. Unified Register of the Baltic Forensic Science Experts – introduction of the project, forensic experts in Latvia and Lithuania by Raimonds Apinis, State Forensic Science Bureau of Latvia
3. Forensic experts in Estonia, Marika Väli, Estonian Forensic Science Institute
4. Questions & Answers
5. Closure & Evaluation

Approximate duration: 60-90 mins
Moderator: Simona Ibba, CEPOL

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